Wholesale Natural Sea Sponges

Buy natural sea sponges wholesale. Know that with us, you can receive the best quality sea sponges that have been sustainably harvested and hand processed using traditional methods. 


Sustainable Corporate Gifts

If you as a business are wanting to promote sustainability and ensure your clients, employees and partners receive a sustainable, unique, luxury gift, then Naroa sea sponges as a highly sustainable product are perfect. A unique gift, for a unique experience. 


Do you want to stock our products in your store?

Often physical retail stores only offer a limited of sponges with their soaps and shower gels. These limited offerings may include cheap plastic shower poufs, scratchy loofah or and uncomfortable bristle brushes and they do not align with the quality soaps or shower gels that may be offered. Naroa natural sea sponges are a perfect solution to the limited offerings. 

Want to stock in your hotels and spas?

The small differences count. Hotels and spas always need an edge so that their guests receive the best possible experiences. With Naroa sponges, you can enhance your guests experience with their skincare as a unique hotel room gift and offer a unique spa bathing experience or even sell them retail for some extra revenue per head. 

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