Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is a Naroa Sponge?

The Naroa sponge is a natural sponge that enhances your skin care. Naroa sponges are naturally formed in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean sea. They are sustainably hand harvested by our divers from the sea bed up to depths of 60 meters. Once cut, they regrow often healthier than before.


Why is it essential to your skin care routine?

Acne, clogged pores, blemishes, ingrown hairs, oily skin, flaky skin are all skin issues that prevent you from looking your best. By using the Naroa sponge you can remove dead skin cells, excess oil and clear blackheads so that you can improve skin health, appearance and create a smooth to touch feel.


Are the sponges good for my skin?

Yes. Our natural sponge types exfoliate, soothe and massage the skin promoting blood flow, de stressing and clearing dead skin/dirt. This promotes a healthy glow and soft to the touch feel, transforming the appearance and feel of your skin to better than ever before. 

Which sponge is best for me?

Each type of sponge has its own unique texture and feel, you may prefer a soft sponge that soothes your skin or perhaps you need exfoliation to remove dead skin and imperfections, or maybe you need a massaging pressure to relax your muscles. We have sponges that do all of these. We would recommend that if you are new to Naroa natural sponges, try each one and see which you like then you can use that and continue to purchase that type in the future. 

What kind of packaging does this come in?

Each order is packed in 100% recyclable and plastic free paper and card, specifically a paper mailer bag, note card and tissue paper. Know that your purchase does not contribute at all to plastic waste and is environmentally friendly. 

Are they sustainable?

Yes. Naroa natural sponges are hand cut from the clear, calm waters of the Caribbean sea. By cutting from the root, this allows the sponge to regrow and studies have shown sponges often regrow healthier than before, therefore allowing the sponges to maintain their population. Furthermore, when you are finished with the sponge, you can simply compost them. This makes the process very sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Is it compostable?

Naroa sponges are natural, grown in crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea, they are fully compostable and have many uses after they have ended their bathing use, such as mixing in with plant compost for extra water retention in the soil. 

How do I clean the Naroa natural sponges?

Do you clean your current bathing sponge/cloth? It is important to clean your sponge to maintain life and hygiene. However, Naroa natural sponges have natural channels where water flows through, allowing them to self clean, unlike any other alternative on the market. 

There are different ways to clean, light and deep, light is for more frequent cleaning, a deep clean is when you have not cleaned the sponge in a while. 

Light Clean

1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 cup of water (1:1 ratio) then mix and soak for 2 hours.

Deep clean

Use 5 parts water 1 part white wine vinegar and soak for 3 hours. Rinse then soak with tea tree oil (A few drops) and warm water (1 cup) solution for 1 hour and rinse the sponge again with warm water and leave to dry.

How long do Naroa sponges last?

Naroa sponges are completely natural, the length of time they last depends on factors such as, frequency of use, how you use it, how you store it and nature. However, if care is taken, the average sponge should last a minimum of 6 months of daily use. 

How do you care for your Naroa sponge?

After every use, rinse out the product used i.e. soaps or shower gel, then squeeze any remaining water out of the sponge and leave to dry in a light, open air area. Please avoid dark damp places to store the sponge.