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Get healthy, clear, and smooth skin with Naroa natural sea sponges.

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Natural Bath Sea Sponges

Enhance your skincare with Naroa.

  • Natural Naroa Exfoliate Bath sponge held in hand light brown colour with hair like fibres circular in shape


    Use Naroa exfoliate sponge to remove dead skin effectively and reveal a vibrant glow with a smooth feel.

    Starting from $30 
  • Natural Naroa soothe bath sponge held in hand light brown colour with thick hair like fibres circular in shape


    Relax your skin with the soft silky fibres of the Naroa Soothe sponge. Give your skin the calm, soft touch it deserves.

    Starting from $30 
  • Natural Naroa massage shower sponge held in hand light brown colour with hair like fibres


    Firm pressure massages your skin to increase blood flow which improves cell regrowth, helping to reduce dullness and skin stress.

    Starting from $30 
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Smiling model holding a Naroa soothe sponge using it on her shoulder with lather foam

Natural. Sustainable. Effective.

  • Improves skin cycle
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Cleans pores i.e. blackheads
  • Massaging & Relaxing feel
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells

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    Healthy Skin

    Clean pores, remove dead skin, and increase blood flow to improve your appearance. Reach your skin’s full potential to attain a healthy and vibrant complexion.

  • Black line icon of woman with hands on her back massaging her

    Massaging Feel

    Nourishing, naturally strong fibres provide a spa-like massaging feel with every stroke. Gliding over your skin to soothe you into a relaxed experience like no other.

  • Four black line icon of sponges each a different shape

    One of a kind

    Every Naroa sponge is unique in shape and shade. Grown by nature's control, know that your sponge is special and unique to you. Nature at its finest.

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    Luxury Bathing

    Naroa sponges are hand picked, hand processed and only the finest quality sponges are selected.

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What are Naroa Sponges?

Naroa sponges are natural sponges that enhance your skin care.

Naroa sponges are naturally formed in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean sea. They are sustainably hand harvested by our divers from the sea bed up to depths of 60 meters. Once cut, they regrow often healthier than before.

Why are they essential to your skin care routine?

Acne, clogged pores, blemishes, ingrown hairs, oily skin, flaky skin are all skin issues that prevent you from looking your best. By using the Naroa sponge you can remove dead skin cells, excess oil and clear blackheads so that you can improve skin health, appearance and create a smooth to touch feel.

How do they feel?

The different natural nourishing textures of our sponges glide over your skin like a light massage creating a relaxing, spa-like experience with every use, taking your skin routine to new, luxurious heights.

Choose your feel, firm with massage, soft with soothing or exfoliate and fresh. Your skin will feel pampered and cared for like never before.

Is the use of the sponge sustainable?

Yes. Naroa sponges are hand cut from the sea bed, where the root of the sponge regrows ready to be picked again when big enough. The sponge often regrows healthier than before making the process sustainable and eco friendly.

Naroa sponges are fully biodegradable and do not contain any plastic therefore do not leak any microplastics into the food chain unlike the many poor plastic alternatives.

Naroa sponges also have natural self cleaning channels making them much more hygienic than plastic sponges.

Natural sea sponge exfoliate in the hand of a model with just the hand and sponge showing

Treat your skin.

Improve your skin health with Naroa shower sponges, gently nourish your skin during every bath or shower to promote clear, smooth and rejuvenated skin.

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