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The Finest of Self Care

At Naroa, we believe the small moments count. The times when you are doing day to day tasks that are just ‘normal’ whether it be making breakfast, getting dressed or taking a shower. These moments matter.

This is precisely why we have focused on one particular aspect where a small change can enhance your everyday experience - self-care, more specifically, caring for your skin health and well-being. Your skin serves as your body's defence against the world, and it deserves to be nurtured with utmost care and best intentions.

Woman in bath holding naroa sponge

A Rich History

Naroa Natural sponges have a rich history. Mentioned as early as 384 B.C in ancient Greece by Aristotle and Homer. Natural sponges have been harvested for centuries, utilised by the Ancient Greeks and Romans for bathing, art, surgery, and more. The superior texture, hygienic properties and high absorbency made them the most desired natural products in the history of Ancient Europe.

Harvested from the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, the value of sponges were recognised throughout history, divers often risking their lives free diving to collect the sponges. Today, with modern diving technology, a few divers remain, making the Naroa natural sea sponge a true rare luxury. Only a select group of people in the world can enjoy such a product with deep history stemming from Ancient Greece.

At Naroa, we have worked to keep the sea sponge tradition alive and have invested in the luxury sponges for our customers so that you can touch and experience the true gifts of nature and be part of the rich history of natural sponges by Naroa.

Two sponges being held in hands

Sustainably & Eco Friendly

Our sponges, when harvested, are cut from the root. Studies have shown that when sponges are cut from the root, they often grow back healthier than before. We also do not harvest below a minimum size, thus ensuring the growth of new sponges for the future.

We also harvest rainwater to process the sponges, meaning less water is used and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Packaging you ask? We have 100% plastic free packaging. No plastic. Ever.

Woman holding sponge on shoulder with lather


To this day, we have sold thousands of sponges around the world from London to Sydney, New York to Dubai and many more. We hope you will join and have a new experience of using Naroa natural sponges to see your skin thrive and feel it’s best, in the most natural way.

Based in London, Athens and New York. Naroa revives your self-care, naturally.