Natural sea sponge unbleached held by a model, only the hand is showing with the sponge. Organic ocean sponge with hair like fibres.

Is it okay to buy natural sponges?

The short answer is yes, it is absolutely okay to buy natural sponges so long as they are harvested sustainably. In their natural habitats, sea sponges play an integral role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of a reef. They filter water, bacteria, and nutrients while protecting the reef from fluctuations in light, temperature, and nutrient density. So, ensuring that natural sponges are harvested sustainably is incredibly important.

Naroa natural sponges are great for your skin and good for the environment. They are sustainably harvested in a way that revives the seabed and promotes continuous growth. Once you have used the organic sponge for bathing, it can be composted too, making them very eco friendly. 

Here’s a breakdown of how exactly Naroa natural sponges are good for both the environment and your skin.


Natural sponges and the environment

As we explored in our blog article What is a natural sponge?, these products are made from naturally growing sea sponges that thrive in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Already, that’s a step up from plastic manmade sponges and loofahs.

Of course, nature is often exploited for the benefit of mankind. To combat this, we use a specific collection method that honors the traditional harvesting of natural sponges. Naroa natural sponges are harvested by cutting the sponge just above the root, rather than removing the sponge entirely. This allows the sponge to regrow and thrive – some sponges can even double in size every few months.

Studies have shown that natural sea sponges cut in this manner can grow back even healthier than before. This also prevents diseases from festering and damaging the natural sponges, therefore preventing the destruction of the populations. Encouraging coastal communities to harvest sponges in this sustainable manner helps to provide them with a long-term reliable income – healthy sponges, thriving communities, and a healthy planet.

When you buy natural sponges from our range, you should also know that we do not harvest sponges below a certain size. This allows the smallest sponges to grow and maintains a healthy natural sponge population in the sea. By following this rule, we can ensure that a yearly harvest won’t have a negative impact on the diversity of the seabed.

Disposing of a natural shower loofah or sponge

While manmade sponges will linger in landfill for what feels like an eternity, when you buy natural sponges, you are investing in a fully biodegradable product. When correctly cared for, an organic sponge for bathing can last for over 6 months. At the end of its life, you can compost it, bury it in the garden, or dispose of it with garden waste to be commercially composted.

To go a step further, all Naroa natural sponges are packaged in paper and card packaging. It is 100% plastic-free and can be easily recycled.


Natural remedies for clogged pores

Not only is it okay to buy natural sponges for the environment, but it is also okay for your skin. In fact, Naroa natural sponges are very nourishing for your skin and can be used to combat a common skin complaint: clogged pores.

Sea sponges exfoliate skin naturally with a porous, textured surface. Creating a rich lather with just a few strokes, the sea sponge effectively cleanses pores, removes dead skin cells, and can be used for eradicating blackheads too. The fibers of sea sponges will exfoliate gently, massage the skin, and soothe any skin complaints. They are gentle yet effective enough for all skin types too, including sensitive skin. 

Using a natural sponge leaves your skin deeply cleansed, nourished, and feeling luxuriantly soft. To discover more about how a Naroa natural sponge can help your skin and the environment with natural remedies, buy natural sponges from our collection today.

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