Image of brown natural sea sponge on a white background.  The sea sponge has honeycomb holes in appearance.

How often should you replace a natural sponge?

When it comes to replacing natural sea sponges, you might not be keen on parting with your best exfoliator to remove dead skin! However, natural sponges do have a natural lifespan and once they are no longer usable, they should be retired back to the Earth. As a natural product, they biodegrade easily and can even be composted at home.

But when exactly should a natural sponge be replaced?

Natural sponge lifespan

There is no ‘should’ when it comes to replacing natural sponges. 

One of the best things about using a natural bath sponge dead skin remover, like the sea sponges we have at Naroa, is that they can be used until they fall apart. The key is to maintain good care and maintenance. This will ensure that the sponge lasts as long as possible. We find that our sea sponges last upwards of six months, likely more, even when used daily, so long as they are properly cleaned and maintained.

With Naroa natural sea sponges, you should only replace the sponge when it is broken or falling to pieces. To slow down this process and keep the sea sponge whole for as long as possible, it is important to maintain your sponge effectively.

Cleansing between uses and storing the sponge correctly is the best way to achieve this.

Read our article How Do You Sterilize and Clean a Natural Sponge? to learn more and discover a failsafe method.

Artificial sponge lifespan

Many plastic sponges come with expiry dates. They will either change color, gather mould when it is time to replace them, or they will begin to drop chunks of plastic while you are in the bath or shower. These sponges cannot be effectively cleaned and are not designed to be long-lasting. The manufacturer expects you to simply purchase another one when it breaks. 

Furthermore, as you cannot sterilize these plastic sponges easily to remove bacteria and dead skin buildup, they aren’t as effective at cleaning your skin either. Some sources recommend throwing away a plastic mesh shower pouf after only three weeks of use, which is extremely wasteful. 

Finding the best exfoliator to remove dead skin

Sea sponges are a natural alternative to plastic and loofah shower scrubs. Their naturally forming structure of intricate channels allows water to flow through them acting as a self clean function. Their unique fibers for gently exfoliating away dead skin, soothing skin irritation, and nourishing your face and body, are unparalleled.

To reduce how often you should replace a natural sponge, follow these tips:

  • Take the time to rinse out any soap after using the sponge,
  • Ensure it is fully dried between uses,
  • Store it in an open air area with lots of light (avoid dark areas with little air flow)
  • Use an antimicrobial sterilizer between uses for either a light clean or a deep clean,
  • Avoid extreme heat and abrasion (e.g., a clothes dryer).

Learn more about caring for Naroa natural sea sponges on our website and order your bath sponge dead skin remover at Naroa today.

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