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How do you shower with a natural sponge?

If you are accustomed to jumping in the shower with a plastic shower pouf, a washcloth, or just using your hands, then switching to a luxurious natural sponge can be a huge change. While a natural sea sponge provides a premium experience for your skin, you’ve got to know how to use it properly.

This article will guide you through how to use the best sponge for shower skincare as well as provide tips on what soaps to use and how to ensure your sponge is long-lasting and effective for cleansing and exfoliation.

Shower with a natural sponge step by step

Admittedly, showering with a natural sponge isn’t too different to how you would normally shower. Of course, when you feel the sponge glide over your skin and produce a sumptuous lather, it feels anything but normal.

To shower with a natural sponge, simply:

  • Wet the sponge under the shower spray,
  • Apply a small amount of gel or soap,
  • Use gentle circular motions over your skin.

You don’t need to apply any pressure or use rough scrubbing motions, just let the natural fibers of the sponge build up a rich lather. You can use the sponge on all areas of your body and even your but not your face, please get a naroa face sponge (it also may be wise to switch to a facial soap for this) so long as it doesn’t get into your eyes. This allows every part of your body to experience the unique texture and feeling of a Naroa natural sponge.

If you have chosen our exfoliating sponge, there may be some dead skin after showering that has been gently lifted away by the sponge. This is partly why you will need to care for and sterilize the sponge on a regular basis.

How to care for your exfoliate shower sponge

When using a natural sponge, there are some simple tips to make sure it retains that luxuriant texture and effective exfoliating properties.

First, be sure not to use extremely hot water as this may damage the sponge over time, reducing its lifespan. Normal shower temperatures will suffice, but don’t attempt to pour boiling water over a sponge to clean it.

Next, do not wring or pull apart the sponge in any way during cleaning your body or cleaning the sponge, as this may weaken the natural structure of the sponge causing it to tear. Instead, gently rinse and squeeze the sponge repeatedly to clean the fibres before you exit the shower.

Once you are out of the shower, the sponge should be placed somewhere bright and airy to dry – read our article How Do You Keep Sponges Bacteria Free? to learn more about why we recommend this.

Naroa natural shower sponges

Showering with a Naroa natural sponge is an experience everyone should have the pleasure of discovering. The luscious natural fibers gliding across your skin to create a rich, creamy lather is something no other sponge or cloth can match. 

Discover Naroa today to cleanse your body, gently buff away dead skin, and create a premium skincare routine that cares for your skin from top to bottom.
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