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How do natural sponges prevent plastic waste?

Plastic waste is a huge problem and while corporations need to do a lot of work on their end, there are still things that we can do as consumers to help us move towards a better future. This includes your skincare routine.

Natural sponges can help to prevent plastic waste, especially when you shop at a store like Naroa. We have covered how we sustainably source our sponges in our article How Are Natural Sponges Harvested? But did you know that we package all our sponges in 100% plastic free, biodegradable packing materials too?

In this article, we will explain how using an organic shower sponge can help you achieve a zero-waste skincare routine.

How an organic sponge for bathing is plastic-free

Natural sponges do not contain any plastic in their natural state. For a loofah, it is made from the dried fibrous vegetable of a plant. As for sea sponges, they are grown in the sea naturally on the seabed.

The only way plastic will be a part of these natural products is if the manufacturer has added it. At Naroa, we do not add any plastic at any step. This means that the product cannot leach microplastics and will entirely biodegrade. In fact, you can actually compost an organic sea sponge in your home compost heap.

Of course, plastic sponges are another matter. These products are made of plastic and will not break down easily. Some “eco-friendly” plastic alternatives, like biodegradable plastic, can only be composted industrially. Unless you can ensure that the plastic is sent to a commercial composter, it will likely end up in landfill regardless.

The ongoing harm of plastic products

Over time, when using any type of sponge or product, there will be some wear and tear. With a plastic sponge, this wear and tear ends up producing microplastics that are released into the environment via your water waste system. In turn, this will end up in the food chain one way or another through the food you eat. 

With natural sponges, on the other hand, the micro debris that break off the sponge as it ages are totally natural. When tiny and even microscopic flecks of natural sea sponge are released into the environment, the effect is simply natural debris returning to where it was harvested.

In fact, during the harvesting process, our divers cut the sponges above the root. Not only does this allow the sponge to regrow, but it also releases sponge debris into the ocean. When this debris lands on a fertile spot of the seabed, such as on a reef, it can eventually grow into a whole new sponge. If not, it will simply degrade as organic matter does.

Find a plastic-free sponge at Naroa

At Naroa, we do many things to ensure that our line of ethical sponges are sustainable and plastic free. Our packaging is paper-based and recyclable, our harvesting methods are sustainable and support coastal communities, and we rely on traditional processing for our sponges that have been passed down through generations.

Overall, purchasing natural sponges drastically reduces your plastic waste and allows you to build a zero-waste skincare routine with a luxury organic sponge for bathing.

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