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Are natural sponges worth it?

At Naroa, we specialize in hand-harvesting the finest sea sponges for our customers around the world. So, obviously, we are a little biased. But the honest answer to the question “are natural sponges worth it?” is that it depends on you.

Whether natural sponges are worth it is a measure only you can decide when you try them. So, this article will cover why people choose a natural sea sponge, why they are considered the best natural bath sponge, and other considerations that our customers have.

Finding the best dead skin removing sponge

There are several different types of sponge that you can use in the bath or shower. You might use a dirt removing body scrub, exfoliate roughly with a loofah, or just use a simple washcloth for your whole body. 

Sponges are a popular choice because they feel nice as they glide over your skin, they can be used to produce a luscious lather, and they contribute to a more premium skincare experience. However, not all sponges are made equally. Sea sponges are at the top of the list in terms of both price and experience, while ultra cheap plastic sponges are at the bottom.

As we explored in our article Why Are Natural Sponges So Expensive? which compares plastic with natural sponges, the long-lasting durability of a sea sponge can often mean that they are better value for money over the long-term. Furthermore, at Naroa we find that people who once used plastic sponges almost never go back to this habit after they try a natural sea sponge.

Furthermore, the beauty industry is notorious for producing plastic – 7.9 billion rigid plastic packaging items were produced for beauty products in the US alone in 2018. So, switching to a plastic-free natural sea sponge is worth it for the environment too. 

Why natural sponges are worth it for your skin

What it all comes down to is the experience that a dead skin removing sea sponge can offer. Natural sea sponges possess qualities that no other bathing sponge can provide, not even natural plant-based sponges like a loofah.

The texture of a sea sponge gently exfoliates, soothes sensitive skin, and is revitalizing too. By gently removing dirt and massaging your skin, the best natural bath sponge can actually increase skin cell turnover for healthier skin all over your body.

Ultimately, a Naroa sea sponge creates a luxurious spa-like feeling every day in the comfort of your own home. And that, we believe, is most certainly worth it. To find out if you think a natural sea sponge is worth it, explore the selection of sustainably harvested sponges at Naroa. We have three different sponges available: Soothe, Exfoliate, and Massage. Use these sponges to create a premium skincare experience today.
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